Get The Right Solution

Choosing the right heat pump or ventilation system is important to achieve the desired results. Halifax properties are unique and incorporate many features that affect the heating, cooling levels and air flow characteristics of a property. What is right for your neighbour might not necessarily be right for you.

Factors to take into consideration:
• region, location and orientation of the building
• specific local conditions
• orientation of windows
• seasonal high and low ambient temperatures
• levels of insulation
• number and type of occupants and their levels of activity
• solar gain

There are 4 essential steps to getting the right solution for your home or business:

Right Advice
In-depth survey to assess requirements based on property features such as location, aspect, volume and heat loss together with knowledge of system capabilities and performance.

Right Choice
Impartial and independent product recommendations, chosen from a full range of quality manufacturers, each with a multitude of ever changing product lines and specifications.

Right Installation
Installation conducted by highly trained specialists using the correct tools and quality materials. Professional installation is critical for energy efficiency, performance and longevity.

Right Service
After sales service, back-up and maintenance should be provided by a fully accredited expert to ensure many years of trouble free operation, optimum performance and peace of mind.