Heat Pump Financing

Heat Pump Financing in Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Power (NSP) wants more home owners to install heat pumps in Halifax, HRM and across the province. Why? Because they want us converted off of fossil fuels and other home heating sources to heat pumps.
Of course not everyone has the spare cash laying around for what a heat pump costs so to help with this they’re offering a lease option to home owners across Nova Scotia.

Heat Pump Guys can handle your application for financing of your heat pump, installation costs and tax.

Here are the Details for Heat Pump Financing:

Lease terms from 1 – 10 years.

Interest rates are extremely competitive and are locked in for the entire term of the lease. Contact us to learn more about the current rates.

You are effectively leasing to own the equipment for the term you select (5, 7, or 10 years). At the end of the term you pay one dollar and the ownership of the equipment is transferred to you.

If you sell your home prior to the end of the lease term the lease can be transferred to an approved buyer.
If for any reason you terminate your account with NSP then the outstanding balance will be billed to you in full.
This program makes it easier for many home owners to install a ductless or ducted heat pump system in their home and reduce their home energy and heating costs.

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