Heat Pump Prices

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Prices
The most popular heat pump units we install in Halifax, and across the province, are Ductless mini split units.
The cost of the equipment and installation starts at approximately $2,700 plus applicable sales tax. There are heat pump leasing options available right now through Nova Scotia Power which we can also help home owners apply for.

What can adjust this price?
• The size of heat pump is based on the square footage and space you’re trying to heat
• Your current electrical panel
• Additional work that could be required for mounting the head unit or installation of the exterior unit

Financing your Heat Pump Purchase
Financing is available to cover both the equipment and installation cost through Nova Scotia Power and we are approved to handle the financing applications for you should you want to explore this option. The rates are very competitive and they allow you to finance for up to 10 years.

Contact us to learn more about Financing your Heat Pump purchase and installation.